Welcome to white hat SEO.

What is White Hat SEO?

In essence, white hat SEO Services UK follow the rules and guidelines of the search engines. Actually it is
easier to explain if we start with its opposite, black hat. Black Hat SEO encompasses all the
techniques used to cheat the engines and to position a web page above the rest in a disloyal way.
We cannot say that it is illegal, since there is no legislation in this regard; but it is composed of badly
viewed practices and is very much penalised by search engines.
So what does White Hat SEO Services consist of?
1. The keywords are part of your website

You have to treat keywords with the same naturalness with which you treat the rest of the elements
of your site. That is, when you integrate your keywords into the content, you have to do so in a way
that makes sense within the context.
2. External links have to be natural
As much as it may be said, link building has not died. However, it has become one of the techniques
that search engines look at most. The external links have to occur in a natural way, by pages, in some
way related, and with good quality.
3. Everything on your site must be original
If you want to have good web positioning with your affordable SEO, everything you do must be
yours, meaning no plagiarism. If you see that a page of the competition is very well positioned, do
not even think about copying the texts, it is one of the most penalised practices by search engines.
4. Content is key
Content is King is a phrase that is no longer so fashionable, but it is still true. Content is the king of
the online world and your website can not be less so. The content you give to your users must be
original (as said before) and relevant (or of real interest to them).
5. The user must be your main concern
That is, your page has to be perfectly adapted to the user, which is known as UX or User Experience.
And not only the user, but also all the devices that are navigated today. If someone enters from a
mobile, they must be able to understand your page exactly as well as someone who does it from a
computer. For more info on white hat SEO, please see https://www.wordstream.com/white-hat-seo